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How to print t-shirts for fun and profit

This is a book that is highly recommended for silk screening entrepreneurs wherever you are. Book entitled How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit very nice, very suited to assist us in improving our efforts and maximize existing resources. Immediately bought this book to assist you in developing your business.

Free vector logo by.

In you can find various categories of designs that have been processed into a vector drawing with CorelDraw software and never used for silk screening process in various media, especially t-shirts. Vector images that are here in part the result images reviewed by our side and some others are the result of downloads kepentngan's fix for our work.
Of course not all the designs in vector form we have ever printed can we show here, but we hope, some of the design vector which we uploaded here can help you work. Currently we will only show some categories of business, very much to work with us in the field of screen printing.

Categories of free vector logo that we upload is,



Mobile operators



We hope in the future we can expand our collections here.

Screen printing

Screen printing is an art, an idea conceived by designers and translate into a T-shirt has a tremendous value. Deep thinking, and concepts are mature, capable of producing a work of art is valued very high. The fusion between the content and skills in graphic design region contribute to something that can be accepted by many as the favorite. Kaos on motivation, smiles, politics, humor, etc. presented in a blend of creativity in design and processing ideas very welcome presence in the community.
Screen printing developed very quickly, both from the raw materials used and the equipment. Materials for silk screening t-shirts can be divided into two parts yatu water-based screen printing materials and solvent base. And construction equipment Used For screen printing also vary. Starting from the simplest tools to the tools that expensive, for example: the turntable (rotary table).
In the subsequent discussion we will try to introduce to the world a silk screening tool that is very simple, very cheap, very precise, do not need a large place and most importantly can be operated by one person. This screening tool known as "silk-screening tool frame model." Silk-screening tool is very popular in Indonesia, almost every screen printing business on the middle class down in Indonesia using this tool. This tool has been able to shift the screen printing equipment such as a desk with a hinge and a long table. I will say more about this tool in the future, so do not forget to bookmark this site and follow our next article.


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Free vector logos by.

Welcome to the teaktok your business partner, we dedicate this website to you who are looking for various kinds of corporate logos, banks, etc., in coreldraw format. All can be downloaded for free and you have to do a little editing for the purposes of making a movie screen printing.All logos companies, banks, etc. We re-image in vector form and we upload to assist you in the process of screen printing only. We hope that you use properly and all the consequences of unlawful acts that you do, we are not responsible.
Thank you for visiting our website, we will try to complete our collection and really useful for you, especially for those of you who pursue shirt screen printing business in the manual.